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In earlier days, knowledge of simple html markup was enough to get started with web pages, but as the web has been evolving, numerous new web technologies were introduced and are continually being introduced.
Nowadays, web development comprises of several skills such as graphic designing, content development, front and back end coding, UI and UX designing, search engine optimization and many more. Sunita Network Pvt Ltd : It’s not an easy task for an individual to have all these skills, that’s why they have to work in teams. The team is built by members who have different skill set. Every member of the team is associated with different aspects of the website development and contributes according to their skill set. There are some technologies, knowledge of which is essential for every person who is associated with web development and design. Here is a list of five critical web technologies. All of these technologies have several common elements and having a suite of these technologies will help in creating an efficient, modern, robust and slick websites. 

1. HTML5
HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and it has been the main markup language for web development since the beginning of the web era. Each upgrade in HTML version has introduced a greater range of abilities and latest HTML5 is treated as a standard and biggest leap forward made by HTML. The biggest advantage of the HTML is that once a code is written in html can work across all browsers without being affected by device configuration and tools.
2. CSS3 
CSS3 is the latest version of Cascading Style sheets and gives a lot of abilities to the web development such as rounded corners, transitions, new layout capabilities, shadows, grid layouts, flexible box, column pages, etc. Earlier than the CSS3, these all were to be coded in JavaScript that also increased the chances of potential bugs and platform incompatibilities. Use of CSS3 property also gives speed to the web pages as it provides visual effects by text and reduces images. Thus, it betters the web performance.

3. Responsive Web Design
Responsive web design is the hot topic in web design era; the area of web applications has increased and there are numerous platform and devices use to view the websites. The responsiveness of a website can be tested by slightly decreasing the window size, if the layout adjusts itself to the size, then the website is responsive otherwise not. To be more device friendly and to avoid browser compatibility issues, it is a good practice to make your website respond to all devices and every browser.
4. Software development Frameworks
A web development framework is designed to enhance the robustness and dynamic nature of the website and web applications. MVC (model view controller) is the most popular and most used frameworks for web applications. MVC divides your web application into 3 parts, view to contain data, logic and functions, view can be any output representation and the controller that acts between the model and the view.
5. SVG
Here comes one of the most interesting web technologies that are called SVG, or scalable vector graphics. SVG allows us to embed vector based images to our web pages because the graphics are stored as a pattern of the vectors. They can be scaled infinitely without any loss in the image quality, size or resolution. SVG can be used anywhere in place of raster graphic such as jpg, gif, png, etc.
Creating an appealing website is a challenge, but smart use of above mentioned technologies can help you in creating an eye catching and user friendly website that will provide a better user experience to the site users. Smart use of these technologies will improve the web structure and will also reduce the consumed time. 
Web technologies are continually evolving and changing the web experience every day. To get best user experience for your website, you must hire some technology experts. There are several web developers who are familiar with almost all of the technologies. A good web developer will provide you best service for your money.

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