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What is B2B service? Nowadays we hear this word ‘B2B’ many times and many of us are aware of it. B2B is short form for Business to business process and it is quite different from other industry related service models. Sunita Network Pvt Ltd : There are two other services called Business to consumer and consumer to business models and where one is the manufacturer and other is the buyer but here both of them are manufacturer, although one of them is a small scale manufacturer called industrial service provider.
In B2C or C2B models the product is complete and is directly sold or bought but in B2B model, it is not same. In B2B model, the transfer of raw materials, resources, final components takes part and from them profit is derived by final sales to the customers.

For example, a vehicle company doesn’t manufacture all of the required components for the vehicle, instead of manufacturing it, they outsources the components from other companies. There are various small hardwares and parts involved in completing an automobile vehicle like tyres, batteries, electronics etc and big vehicle manufacturer doesn’t have that much time to get involved in manufacturing small parts. That is the main reason behind this B2B model.

B2B eCommerce
B2B eCommerce sites are a much evolved version of eCommerce sites. The later has a B2c approach but B2B has a B2B approach by itself. Business uses B2B eCommerce sites to improve their communication and business experience with fellow service providers.

The biggest advantage of B2B model has also been taken by the online eCommerce sites. There are various B2B service provider websites which are like a link between industries. Various big manufacturers explore it for availing services of small ancillaries and small industries are registered here with their profiles. This reduces the time consumption of both to search for the business partners. Their working is same as brokers, hence they can be regarded as online brokers. Like real world brokers they provide a platform for making deals between manufacturers and service providers.

The business companies build their online profile on the eCommerce with their services and some also mention about their costs. They get a special domain for their name on eCommerce. These eCommerce sites eases and enables the easy transaction of services between businesses. Business entities get their required service without investing so much time in searching for the right company.

The sites also work as an information source for business persons. The services, products and their qualities can be compared and thus only good quality products could be promoted. The detail also works as a catalyst for competition among them. In industries, only good quality product and services provider stay and other vanish. So, details help them gather info about competitors and thus they are bound to improve their product and service quality.

In spite of having such qualities, there is no guarantee that any business gets success over B2B sites. Don’t limit to only one model, explore other models like B2C or C2B. Improve your quality and standards and with time, you will taste success over B2B ecommerce sites.

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