Sunita Network Pvt Ltd : 5 Biggest Mistakes Done by Web Designers

Sunita Network Pvt Ltd : 5 Biggest Mistakes Done by Web Designers
Website designing is a field which is ever fluctuating and to keep website apart from silly mistakes to ensure the appearance of your website. Visitors are too important for a website and mistakes can leave them in frustration and tension so have a look on below mentioned mistakes and try to avoid them. Sunita Network Pvt Ltd :  These are the mistakes done by web designers and developers and even experienced professionals do it sometime. The mistakes are listed below and the way to avoid them comes further.

1. Inclusion of extraneous content

This is the biggest mistake made by web developers. The content is more important for your website and if your site doesn’t feature updated and relevant content, then users will be not interested in your website and will never return to visit it. Whatever you are writing on your website, whether it is a blog, article, FAQ, etc and the content should be updated and relative to your website. A Website must include topics that best describe your company’s products and services. The content should be useful to viewers in seeking information for your products. This will create a good impression of your brand on your visitors, and this impression will lead your business to new heights of business.

2. Readable Content

The internet is easily available an accessible to everyone. It can be browsed on various platforms, i.e. mobiles, tablets, computers, etc. Visitors may be busy in some other work while browsing your website, so the content must be readable and easy to grasp. It shouldn’t be something like rocket science. The content must be equally understandable by everyone. Write short articles which are easy to grasp so that visitors can get it efficiently.

These tips must be followed:

Your content must be approachable and thus your website must feature a search box so that users can search for their interests.

The content should be organized so that visitors can easily get the point you want to make with your content. Include catchy headlines, bullet points, tips, etc to organize your content.

3. Reader Friendly Navigation 

Your website must have a seamless and smooth flow of the navigation through content. One user must be able to switch from one page to another, consistently and able to perform desired activities. With various web development techniques available in the space, there is no standard of navigation through the website. The site navigation must be defined and should match with the site’s theme. Make sure that users are able to get their requisite data within minimum clicks.

4. Select effective colour scheme 

The website must be appealing and visually impressive to the visitors. If a web developer uses bad colour schemes in the website then it can distract visitors from the website. The font colour and theme colour must be selected wisely in a manner that the content remains readable to the visitors. It is seen that high contrast colour schemes are a good choice for websites.

5. Contact or Registration forms

These forms are on website to ask visitors their identity and details. A website with lengthy forms asking so many details annoys visitors to leave the website. Forms must be simple and short and never ask too many details about visitors. Never mandate all fields and ask only for the essential details, keep other fields optional.

Numerous websites are available on the internet and many more are being created. Creativity works and if you want to make your website stand out of the crowd, then creative approach must be taken. Avoid mistakes and make your website user friendly. Create a remarkable web design and influence your visitors.

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