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This in an era where technology is fast forward and moves ahead and that is too quick for a human to run alongside. Now, if anyone is starting a business then he is aware of the mobile and Smartphones usage and also knows that mobiles are the best way to promote and generate business. 

Sunita Network Pvt Ltd : There was a time when desktop or computer system’s websites were sufficient to promote the business but now it is not that sufficient.  Modern era is Smartphone era and almost all tech savvy use mobiles most for using the internet. They use websites to meet their requirements and it can be done with conventional computer systems or mobiles. And, if you have to cater their needs, then your website must meet their expectation. Today’s users expect prompt response and services and if you are unable to deliver that then you are going to loss you customers.
This is the reason behind getting a website that is capable of performing over all browsing devices. There are several ways by which you can develop same website in different ways for different screen resolutions, but this is very costly method and time consuming too. This makes HTML5 or responsive web development an in-demand art. 

Strategies for Successful Mobile Friendly Website
When it all started then no one had any idea on how to develop a friendly website. No one was sure on how to start a mobile friendly website. Here are some tips on how to develop a Mobile friendly website:

1. Think Big
The designing and development is the biggest concern in mobile friendly websites. This was a common strategy among developers which was not a right approach. Tech experts believe that a good development strategy comprises every device that can be used for browsing. The screen resolution of the final websites should go upward. First finalize for the smaller screen and then check for bigger resolution devices. This approach will give you a uniform design right from tiny mobile screen to large flat size screens. 

2. Simple Design
If your design is simple then it is going to work over mobile screens. Larger versions can accommodate many images but smaller designs don’t have much room to accommodate all the elements. From expert point of view, larger fonts, fat-finger proof, big buttons must be included in mobile website design. 

3. Alternative Design
This technology costs much money than the other available technologies. This is used by high-end business services. This technology detects and identifies the devices used by website visitors and then according to their screen size, it generates a special page view for them. 

4. Responsive Design
The well known, most used and economical method of HTML5 or responsive web development is best affordable solution. The technology uses style sheets method to auto adjusts the page according to the device screen to display the information correctly and accurately. When the website is used over a mobile then site resizes automatically according to the mobile screen size. 
The responsive design opens more chances of getting more clients and customers. Make your website available for all platforms and every user. 

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