Can classified sites help in finding a Right Job?

Getting a job is a tedious task and a lot of effort goes in vain when no suitable jobs are available for our qualification. We get calls from several consultancies regarding job openings and when we go there then completely different scenario appears. Sometimes the job vacancies are not up to our qualification levels, but still due to unemployment, some of the well educated people go for it. The best example is for the engineering graduates who can be seen in BPO sectors doing jobs that do not apply their knowledge and study.

Sunita Network Pvt Ltd : This is a major problem in India, where Lacs of students are graduating every year and increasing the graph of unemployment. The jobs and vacancies are scarce and the candidates are in large numbers which shatters the balance between demand and supply. Also the lack of awareness lands candidates into unemployment. Here need for a genuine resource is required who can help the candidates and can inform them about the job openings as per their interest and qualification level. In all available consultancies, there are some genuine, but it doesn’t have reach to the qualified candidates.

Role of Classified Sites in Job Search
The online industry has changed the various aspects of our lives. Everything has been digitized from shopping to payment. You can shop for groceries online and can transfer funds too. Even people are selling their used stuff via classified sites. Apart from all these, classified sites have also revolutionized the job search. People are now posting their resumes on free classified sites like Even employers are posting job openings over such websites. The advantages of such classified sites are as follows:
1.       A large number of job vacancies are being posted over such networks where anyone can get full details regarding the job as well as employer.
2.       Big employers are getting in direct touch with the candidates, hence genuine job posts are being made available to the candidates.
3.       Candidates can contact the recruiter directly and no third party is involved in it, hence complete transparent process.
4.       Candidates are free to choose a job of their interest.
These advantages of the classified websites make them best to search for a job. The day is not so far, when a free classified site will be considered as the best recruitment platform. The top categories in which the jobs are available are drivers, web developers, software developers, maids, delivery boys, data entry operators etc. Do not wait and upload your interests and resume on free classified site Bechdaalo to get best job offers.
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