What and how of a B2B Marketplace?

There was a time when no one believed in Indian local e-commerce websites and it could be also because there were not plenty of them available at that time. As the internet user base increased, the number of websites also got increased. Today we have websites for every aspect of life shopping, job search, business process, banking, foods, travel etc. These services have made our life very easy and comfortable and with business services websites, they are making money earning and business promotion an easy task.

Sunita Network Pvt Ltd : This article will introduce you to the latest entrant in the market: Traderzplanet. The Traderzplanet.com is a B2B service provider for suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, exporters, traders, industrial service providers and distributors. The service is open to all, for worldwide service providers.
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It is not that easy!
The starting of the business directory is not an easy task as it requires collecting lots of business listings for updating the database. In India, data collection is not an easy task as millions of companies and industries (big as well as small). The collection of good quality data consistently is a hard nut to crack. If one is successful in collecting data and managing the setup then it is confirmed that he will play for long time in the market. A must have thin for any business model to be successful is to keep barrier of entry very high.
The collection is not a final step, it requires polishing and scrubbing before being available to the users for consumption. After polishing the raw, finally you got to develop a business model on it.

Local Listings
The collection of database gives a start to your business but it is not the final step. The revenue can be earned by sharing the details with others who are paying for it, but this can’t provide you enough revenue to be a successful. The main revenue generator is the local businesses listing.
The services by the listed companies are the consumer builders and their offerings are the real player behind revenue generation. The merchant pays for all the activities like leads, clicks, transactions etc.
The Traderzplanet.com has become a container for the market and has reduced the large size market to a single website where you can communicate with merchants, businessperson over a single click. Traderzplanet- a B2B marketplace website is a free utility to bring Indian manufacturers, exporters, buyers, sellers, wholesalers, suppliers and distributors on a common business platform.
The biggest advantage of such site is that it is solving the market problems. The number of business as well as consumers is increasing and the space is scarce so it is not possible to setup a marketplace for every business so it is solving the problem of space scarcity and every business has similar space over internet and over Traderzplanet.com. Local listings for local businesses helps them a lot as they do not have so much fund to establish a shop or an empire.
The main source of revenue for such B2B marketplaces is the details they have about the vendors, suppliers etc. The storing of the business detail is not that important whether you store it in a database or in a text file, the model should help in deriving the details and revenue making opportunities from it. The main aspect that differentiates the Traderzplanet from others is the storing of data is detailed and rich.
A lot of players are in B2B market and Traderzplanet is a new entry but with different data-basing and listing policy. The B2B category as well as Traderzplanet is on an evolving stage. There are still challenges to be faced but this online space is exciting and a fun ride for the opportunist as there are so many opportunity out there. Happy trading!!!

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